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Best New Year’s Eve Hairstyle and Tutorials

You have already chosen a beautiful dress, made up, but the image seems somehow unfinished? This is quite natural, because stylish styling plays a very important role in shaping the overall style. What New Years Eve hairstyle to make for the new year to look really festive? The general trends of the new season are naturalness without unnecessary frills. The basis of any beautiful New Years Eve hairstyle healthy and well-groomed hair, fresh haircut and properly selected care and styling products.New Year's Eve Hairstyle and Tutorials 3
sourcebeach waves hair tutorial source

It is also important to choose the right hairstyle for the new year, depending on the dress. So, romantic bunches, weaving, tails, elegant styling go well with evening dresses. And for less formal dresses (cocktail options, etc.) it is better to choose lighter and even careless solutions. As for how to make a New Year’s hair, a lot depends on the length of hair.
For the new 2019, we selected fashionable hairstyles, which are designed for different hair lengths. They can be complex and intricate or simple and natural, close to naturalness, which is also highly appreciated by the patron of the next year.

New Year's Eve Hairstyle and Tutorials 1

long hair updo tutorialsource

Trendy hairstyles for long hair next year are very varied. These are complex weaving with braids, fluffy styling, careless curls or the effect of wet strands.

long hair tutorial source

Hairstyles for medium hair
Average length is considered the most convenient for creating festive hairstyles. Simple options – horse tail with pile, voluminous curls. Girls can afford fashionable braids with bright Kanekalon.

new years hairstyles for medium hair tutorial

long hair tutorial

New Years Eve hairstyles for short hair
Short hair does not seem to be the most obvious option for a stylish New Years eve hairstyles, but even with such a length, stylists can create a real miracle. Instead of a complex and intricate hairstyle, the emphasis is on hair color, individual details, bright decorative elements, and unusualness of the image as a whole.



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