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Best Halloween Nails Ideas


Very little time is left before Halloween. And even if you are not going to dress up in a witch costume, put a pumpkin on your head or do a terrible makeup, you can express your solidarity with the celebrating original Halloween nails.

There are a lot of ideas for Halloween nails- from the straightforward use of gloomy colors to unusual mystical drawings and complex art compositions.

halloween nails

The most frequent “guests” on Halloween are frightening drawings made in bright or dark colors. Images of various “terrible” characters or holiday attributes are very popular these days. Spiders and cobwebs, bloody streaks, skeletons and various skulls are relevant for such a holiday. Bright pumpkins, bats, black cats, zombies, the dead and all sorts of attributes of a real witch are popular. For lovers of less extravagant options, images in the style of minimalism or manicure with a monophonic coating will become relevant.

halloween naill


halloween gel nailssource

Halloween is perhaps the only day of the year when long, sharp nails are welcome. You can use false or give your nails such a shape (just remember to change it after you celebrate Halloween). If you chose the image of a witch or a vampire, then long black nails are what you need. In addition to this manicure, large rings with skulls, spiders and other paraphernalia are also welcome. Black short nails are also suitable for images of zombies and other evil spirits. And if you want to add a little glamour to the image – sparkles are at your service.

halloween naillsource

black halloween nail art ideassource

The most extravagant manicure will look on long pointed nails. To do this, use extended or false nails with a curved end that mimic the witch’s claws.


The main symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin lantern that scares away evil spirits. Let a bright manicure protect you from troubles: a pumpkin can be portrayed with an ominous grin or with a good-natured smile. For a wow effect, cover your nails with a layer of varnish that glows in the dark, so you scare everyone in your path.


halloween pumpkin nail artsource

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