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60 Beautiful Royal Blue Nail Designs You Can Try to Copy


If you buy royal blue nail polish, you are certainly a spunky, free-spirited individual. You have an electric personality, and you need a bright, bold look. Use these royal blue nail designs as inspiration for your next cool manicure!

Keep it simple, but spirited

Here are some easy nail art inspirations for when you don’t have the time to deal with complicated designs and polishing techniques! Royal blue nails don’t have to be complex to be spirited. Royal blue nail polish is such a vibrant color that even plain nails can still be spunky.

First off, here are some inspiration photos for short nails.

Royal blue nailsSource Images of royal blue nail artSource Gel royal blue nailsSource Acrylic royal blue manicureSource

Below are some royal blue nail designs painted with matte polish and filed to a square shape.

Royal blue nail artSource Matte royal blue nailsSource Photos of royal blue nail artSource

Here are glossy royal blue nails, also filed to a square shape!

Best royal blue nail artSource Neon royal blue nail artSource Pastel royal blue nail artSource

The following bits of inspiration are for when your nails grow out to be a bit long.

Hot royal blue nailsSource Royal blue nail artSource Pictures of royal blue nail designsSource Royal blue nail art for short nailsSource Perfect royal blue nailsSource Royal blue tip nailsSource Deep royal blue nailsSource Stiletto royal blue nail artSource Pointy royal blue nail designsSource Most popular royal blue nail designsSource Dark royal blue nail designsSource Stiletto royal blue nail artSource Pale royal blue nail designsSource

Royal blue nails with rhinestone finishes are the perfect touch of class.

Royal blue nails varnishSource Ideas for royal blue manicureSource

This crackle nail look seems hard to pull off, but it’s all in the polish that you buy! Use the right polish, and this look will be easy to accomplish.

Crackle royal blue designsSource

Touch up your royalty with a bit of sparkle!

Its royal blue after all. Why not add a bit of royal sparkly shine? Add a bit of glimmer to shimmer and shine. You’ll always stand out from the crowd if you take these royal blue nail designs into consideration before you start your next manicure!

Easy royal blue nailsSource Royal blue manicure for promSource Glitter royal blue nailsSource

The following three photos have unique types of glitter! When looking for blue nail polish like these, it’s almost like a fun treasure hunt.

Cool royal blue nail artSource Sparkly royal blue nailsSource Pretty royal blue nailsSource

You can also combine the classic French manicure with royal blue nails and glitter to get a look like this one below.

French royal blue manicureSource

An ombre look is always pretty, but one done with glitter royal blue nail polish is even prettier!

Ombre royal blue nailsSource Ice royal blue nailsSource

Accent nails add a pop of flair to your royal blue nails

Different accent nail designs can instantly transform your manicure into something very pretty, cute, or cool! The best part? You won’t have to paint intricate designs on all of your nails to pull off a sophisticated royal blue nail design.

Classy royal blue manicureSource

Do feel free to experiment with all kinds of cool, sparkly, cute designs on your accent nail. It’s meant to look like a tiny work of art!

Fake royal blue nailsSource Latest royal blue nailsSource Cute royal blue designsSource New royal blue nailsSource Royal blue manicureSource Light royal blue nail artSource Ideas for royal blue manicureSource Styles royal blue nailsSource Long royal blue nailsSource

Sometimes glitter gives your accent nail that much-needed pop!

Pics of royal blue nailsSource Fashion royal blue nail artSource Royal blue nail art with rhinestoneSource

Play with some pretty patterns

These patterns will bring out the bold, fierce diva in you. Royal blue nail polish is only for the strongest of women, and these patterns will reflect your independence and carefree, breezy way of life!

A girl can never go wrong with basic stripe and polka dot patterns.

Striped royal blue nail artSource Zebra royal blue nail artSource Pictures of royal blue nail designsSource Polka dot royal blue nail artSource

If you can’t decide among certain styles, feel free to mix it up for this fun look!

Very simple royal blue nail designsSource

The royal blue nails that follow are very intricately painted on. It takes more time, but don’t you think it’s worth it?

Royal blue nails with disignSource Fashion royal blue nail artSource Bright royal blue nail artSource Beautiful royal blue nailsSource

The next two are for spunky, independent women who want to use royal blue nail designs to unleash their wild side!

Cheetah royal blue nail artSource Leopard royal blue nail artSource

This next design is so pretty that we feel like we’ve saved the best for last!

Aqua royal blue nail artSource

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