Hide it in the dessert

  • If you’re going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, use your dessert to hide your ring.
  • Ask your chef if there is somewhere they can put the ring, perhaps on top of a cupcake or on the side of a slice of cake.
  • Once you’re ready to get down on one knee, signal the waiter to bring out the dessert for a sweet surprise.

Use a Valentine’s Day Bouquet

  • We all know everyone loves receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  • Buy a Valentine’s Day themed bouquet and hide the ring or ring box inside of it.
  • When you’re ready to pop the question, ask your S.O. to take a closer look at the flowers.

Put it in a box, inside of another box, inside another box, etc. 

  • If giving each other gifts is one of your Valentine’s Day traditions, this method is perfect for you.
  • Find several different sized boxes that can all fit together.
  • Hide the ring box in the last, smallest box to surprise your partner.

Include your pet in the proposal 

  • If Valentine’s Day will be a chill night in at home, try including your pet in your proposal.
  • Tie the ring to your dog’s collar and attach a sign that says, “Will You Marry Me?” on it.
  • When the time is right, call your dog over to surprise your partner.

Use breakfast in bed 

  • Nothing says I love you more than a special breakfast in bed the morning of Valentine’s Day.
  • Make your partner their favorite breakfast meal and hide the ring somewhere on the tray.
  • They will be so happy about their surprise breakfast, and even happier when they find the ring!

Final advice

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to propose because you’ll likely both be dressed up and looking amazing for each other.