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12 Stacked Bob Haircuts: Short Hairstyle Trends


Choosing a layered haircut like a bob can get your neck and shoulders free. If you like to style a little edgy, punk look, you can choose to hold your bangs to the sides. With bob hairstyles, you do not need to worry about styling your hair. Accompany a stacked bob with an inverted bob and you get a brand new looking stacked bob haircut.

Stacked bob haircut looks wonderful on all types of hair. Yet, it is a quite cool haircut for hair which is short of volume. Thin fine hair, when it is cut with a short stacked bob haircut can seem voluminous and fashionable. Stacked bob haircuts also seem wonderful on wavy hair. A stacked bob haircut can be done on a blunt bob; yet, to get the hairstyle with the current trends you can try out an inverted stacked bob haircut, and go along it with stylish bangs.

Stacked Bob Haircut for Short Hair 2014Stacked Bob Haircut for Short Hair 2014 /Pinterest

Stacked bob haircuts are the styles in which the front layers of the hair are much longer than the back hair. Hair behind close to the crown is cut into several layers so that it brings a stacked effect. So, first make the hair cut shorter close to the nape of your neck and the hair on the sides much longer. It can be done in a way the hair will appear stacked.

The stacked bob haircuts also include many variations. You can choose symmetrical or asymmetrical bob cut since both of them look cool. They match perfectly for younger women who have oval face. This is also one of the most wonderful haircuts with bangs. You can decide the length of the back hair according to your option. For more informal look, you can choose moderate or low length but if you desire to be eye-catching in the crowd, you can select short back layers.

2014 Curly Stacked Bob Haircut for Women2014 Curly Stacked Bob Haircut for Women /Pinterest

If you want to add some more charm to a stacked bob haircut, you can turn to hair highlights. Hair highlights appear excellent, so you can try out to get some chunky hairstyles for a bold colored-hair appearance. Yet, you can get a lot of skinny highlights in your hair if you like a subtle textured-hair look. Highlights in blonde or chocolate done at strategic parts at the front of the hair imparts the cut a totally fresh look. And with several hair color streaks, you can get the haircut and styles to appear much more special and charming.

2014 Stacked Bob Haircut for Straight Hair2014 Stacked Bob Haircut for Straight Hair /Pinterest 2014 Short Stacked Bob Haircut for Women Over 402014 Short Stacked Bob Haircut for Women Over 40 /Pinterest Stacked Bob Hair StylesStacked Bob Hair Styles /Pinterest Stacked Bob Hair CutsStacked Bob Hair Cuts /Pinterest Stacked Bob Haircut for Blonde HairStacked Bob Haircut for Blonde Hair /Pinterest Easy Stacked Bob Haircut for 2014Easy Stacked Bob Haircut for 2014 /Pinterest Stacked Curly Bob HaircutStacked Curly Bob Haircut /Pinterest Stacked Bob Haircut for Straight HairStacked Bob Haircut for Straight Hair /Pinterest Layered, Stacked Bob HaircutLayered, Stacked Bob Haircut /Pinterest Stacked Bob HaircutStacked Bob Haircut /Pinterest


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