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100 Beautiful Examples of Gold Glitter Nail Polish Art


Gold nails are the perfect way to glam up any outfit! They’ll make heads turn, and you will definitely stand out of the crowd with any of these gold nail designs. If you want to feel like a million dollars, this manicure gallery is the one for you. Grab a bottle of gold nail polish and unleash your inner diva and superstar with these golden ideas.

Quick and Easy Gold Nails

Swipe on that gold nail polish and you’re done! If you need a royal manicure, but you don’t have all the time in the world, here are some easy gold nail designs for you. Simplicity is sophisticated, and that’s what you’ll be while you’re rocking these.

Gold nail polishSource Nails with gold polishSource Gold nail artSource Cute gold nailsSource Gold fingernailsSource Long gold nail artSource Long gold nail artSource Gold manicure for short nailsSource Gold nail varnishSource Pointy gold nailsSource Gold manicure for short nailsSource

Sometimes, very pale and light gold is the look you want. It’s a versatile manicure – you can wear it at the office or still feel glammed up during a night out.

Gold opi varnishSource Images of gold nail designsSource Sparkly gold nail designsSource Photos of gold nailsSource

This rose gold color is very on trend right now – just look at the most recent iPhones!

Rose gold manicureSource

Gold glitter nails take golden nails one step further by adding extra bits of sparkle and shine to the polish! Here are some gold nails that use glittery gold nail polish for an extra bold look.

Gold nailsSource Golden manicureSource Nails with gold shimmerSource Nails with gold glitterSource Gold stiletto nailsSource Bright gold nailsSource Gold glitter nailsSource Long gold nailsSource Perfect gold nail designsSource

Below is a super easy glitter gold nail polish pattern. It’s a simple swipe for a sophisticated feel.

Gold nails with designSource

Here’s an idea – mix glitter gold and normal gold nail polish for a fun combination look!

Styles gold nail designsSource

These next gold nail designs are spins on the traditional French manicure. It gives the old French tip a bit of a facelift, wouldn’t you agree?

Gold french tip nailsSource French manicure nailsSource Shiny gold nail artSource Pointy gold nailsSource

Here’s a mix of glittery silver and gold. Combining two of the most precious earth metals produces a lovely look, doesn’t it?

Silver and gold nail artSource

These gold nails have a metallic edge, for an extra strong and bold feel.

Metallic gold nailsSource Gold nail designsSource Gold foil nailsSource 18k gold nail artSource Real gold nail artSource Mirror gold nail artSource Fashion gold nail artSource

Be extra daring and get some sparkly lipstick to match your metallic gold nails!

Minx gold nailsSource

Here’s a combination of both plain gold and metallic gold polish. We think they work great together!

Liquid gold nailsSource

Gold and Other Colors

Gold is great by itself, but mix in other hues and you’ll have a lovely color combination on your fingers. Incorporate bits of the rainbow with these gold nail designs.

Blue and gold nails are spunky and fun. They’re ideal for a girls’ night out!

Blue and gold nail designsSource Blue and gold nail designsSource

Red and gold nails are seductive and sexy, perfect for a romantic date.

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Red and gold nailsSource Pics of gold nail designsSource Fake gold nailsSource

These purple and gold nails will really make you feel like royalty.

Purple and gold nail designsSource

Wear these green and gold nails, and your friends will all be green with envy at your great manicure! You’ll see that these gold nails use gold flakes, just another way to add a golden touch to any manicure.

Green and gold nail artSource

The bright pink in these pink and gold nails really give the manicure a pop of fun.

Pink and gold nail artSource

Black and Gold Nails

Black and gold are two strong, empowering colors for the independent woman who really wants to show everyone who is boss. Combined, they give off a vibe of strength and sophistication. Women who wear gold nails with black accents are fearless – they know what they want, and they’re never afraid to be the life of any party.

Black and gold nail designsSource Black & gold nail artSource Gold gel nail artSource Nails with gold crossSource Easy gold nail designsSource Very simple gold nail designsSource Tip gold nail designsSource

Sometimes it’s best to use gold sparingly, like on an accent nail!

Black nails with gold tipsSource Gold nail designs for promSource Gold nail designs with rhinestoneSource

Here are versions of the classic French tip manicure, using black and gold nail polish!

Matte gold nail artSource Ideas for gold nail designsSource Fashion gold nail designsSource

These black and gold polka dotted nails are whimsical and fun, but also still strong and bold.

Gold and black nail artSource

White and Gold Nails

Combining white and gold colors produces a delicate, soft, and elegant feel to any manicure. You’ll feel like you’re dripping in jewels and the type of woman who’s used to chandeliers and champagne every day while wearing these gold nail designs!

White and gold manicureSource Gold ombre nail designsSource Gold acrylic nailsSource Trendy gold nail artSource Gold charms nail designsSource Striping tape gold nailsSource White and gold nailsSource Most popular gold nailsSource Beautiful gold nail artSource

Gold Nail Designs with Intricate Patterns

To round out our list, we’ve pulled out some ideas for gold nails with crazy nail designs or complex, beautiful patterns. These are the epitome of a “wow factor” and will impress any crowd! Scroll down this section of the gallery for proof – we’re sure you’ll be amazed yourself!

Gold chrome nail artSource Best gold nail artSource Latest gold nail designsSource Sparkle gold nail artSource 3d gold nail artSource Gold nails with designSource Gold nails with rhinestoneSource

Add rhinestones and studs to any gold nails pattern to take the manicure up a notch with some texture!

Gold studs manicureSource Gold studs nailsSource Gold nails with rhinestoneSource 14k gold nailsSource

Take a walk on the wild side with these zebra and leopard inspired patterns.

Leopard gold nail designsSource Classy gold manicureSource

These final patterns, with all their swirls, twists, and turns, are absolutely mesmerizing examples of exquisite gold nails.

Fashion gold nailsSource Flake gold nailsSource Gold nail designs with stickersSource Leaf gold nailsSource Gold christmas nailsSource New gold manicureSource Pictures of gold nailsSource

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