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10 Fab Short Hairstyles with Texture & Color


These short hairstyles show-off the latest trends in straight, short cuts – ramping up the style factore with texture and color!  The short-back-and-sides continues to dominate the latest pixie haircuts.  But they’re not the only styles in town, as cute angled bobs with a straight-across fringe offer a switch from side-swept bangs.  And color continues to add lively personality to short hairstyles.  So you definitely won’t be disappointed with today’s hair-trend update!

Soft ash-blonde short hairstyles, Shaved short haircut

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

This short-back-and-sides uses color to make interesting light and dark contrasts.  And the dark buzzed back and roots add the impression of thicker hair when worn beneath trendy oatmeal-blonde.  There’s a lot of movement here, too, from ‘sliced layers’ radiating from the crown.  The style kind of reverses the usual short fringe, longer back haircuts – ‘cos the back has a short ‘fringe’.  Whereas the front is almost covered with long, side-swept bangs! This is a great look for making a long face appear shorter or to reduce the roundness of a round face.  Plus it’s easy-care and super-cool!

Full bangs on retro angled bob short hairstyles

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

Here’s another retro short hairstyle that’s set to be one of this year’s favorite looks.  It’s a simple style that’s great for medium and thick hair types.  The hair is cut to have a gentle angle moving down from the back to finish just past the chin.  The tips are shaped with concave cutting, which removes bulk from the ends, so hair falls in a gentle curve after washing.  Worn smoothly is the original, chic look – but you can also vary the style by adding contemporary flat waves.  The straight, blunt-cut fringe is ‘eye-lash’ length. And this style suits oval and heart faces and is perfect for disguising a strong jawline!

Textured pixie cut for thick hair – short hairstyles’ trends

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

There’s something very vulnerable about this baby-blonde color, which combined with clear red lip-color creates an intriguing, modern image.  The model has a fair skin tone with warm undertones, so ultra-light beige-blonde is more flattering than ash-blonde.  The absence of the ever-present dark roots cliché is refreshing and there’s a pretty touch of amber at the nape.  Trendy twists with choppy tips and the latest ridged texture on top all add up to an easy-care, short haircut with bags of personality!

Return of Posh Spice’s short angled bob haircut

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

Here’s a short, messy bob haircut that was made popular a few years ago by Victoria Beckham – when she was, ‘Posh Spice’!  And I’m delighted to see its return because it always looks cool and trendy.  I’ve also seen this style look great on thick, medium and fine hair types, so that’s good too.  The basic cut is a short, angled bob graduated down gently to chin length.  And the chin-length bob is one of the short haircuts that flatters almost all face shapes and age-groups.  Fine hair can be tousled and fluffed-out to add volume at the back.  Finally, subtle balayage highlights in mid-blonde add color depth, updating this flattering short haircut for today’s stylish women!

Beautiful brunette bob for thick hair, Texture short haircut

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

Look at the wonderful curvy back on this fashionable bob haircut!  That’s the joy of having thick hair – and a stylist who knows exactly how to get the best out of it.  The surface of the hair is packed full of twisty, curvy texture, too, creating a very modern look.  I also love the trend for cutting the nape straight across, because it adds a solid look to the overall shape.  However, the solid shape is creatively contrasted by uneven, disconnected layers on either side of the chin.  This updated, layered bob is full of lively texture and movement showing off an attractive, natural, brunette color!

Casual chic mid-brown angled straight bob, Office hairstyle

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

Of course, not everyone wants a hairstyle that full of high-fashion surprises!  This attractive, short, bob haircut is classy and understated, with softly flowing lines on a lovely mid-brown hair color.  It’s a great look for medium or fine hair, with no added volume on top and a gently curved back dipping neatly in to the nape.  The colorist has used very subtle balayage – just a couple of tones lighter – to accentuate the texture and movement.  And you can adjust this easy-style, chin-length bob to flatter oval, heart, angular and round faces!

Hot hi-pigment burnt-orange hair color on blunt-cut short bob

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

This is one of the hottest high-pigment copper-auburn-orange shades around right now.  And I’ve recently spotted it on a French actress in a tv drama, where it positively jumped out of the screen whenever she appeared!  It’s a confident color suitable for women with pale skin with a warm undertone.  So it suits women who have faded auburn hair or brown hair with natural copper tones.  And to balance the attention-grabbing color, wear your hair in a simple blunt-cut, same-length bob.  This design is a totally groovy, 1950’s look, with a trendy straight-across fringe and a retro hair accessory!

Boho blue bob with sea-green balayage

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

Doesn’t this model look fantastic!  The deep-blue hair-color has been so carefully harmonized with her skin-tone, you’d swear it was her natural shade. So always go to an expert colorist for the first big color switch and get her advice on the right make-up colors, too.  DIY coloring can save you a lot of cash, but if the end result makes your complexion look bad, you’ve wasted your money.   This asymmetrical bob is great for thick hair, as it’s heavily layered to form a lovely curve up from a deep, side-part and over one side.  Finally, the fine lines of marine-green balayage accentuate the movement and intensify those lovely brown eyes!

Sexy black curly bob

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

I’ve never understood why some folks believe only long hair can be sexy.  Fabulous French women have been wearing short hairstyles full of alluring sex-appeal for decades!  And this lovely, lively haircut proves my point very well.  Thick, coarse and curly hair can be difficult to keep looking good as it requires so much time and physical effort!  But an expertly layered short hairstyle, with a carefree, tousled finish could be the easy-care haircut of your dreams!  And Marilyn Monroe isn’t the only woman to win hearts with a stray strand falling casually over a pair of flirtatious eyes!

Cool oatmeal blonde angled bob with ash-brown roots

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles, 2018 Short Hair Cuts TrendsCredit

And natural blonde shades are definitely this year’s strongest color trend!  Black and dark-brown roots have had their time in the spotlight.  But neutral colors, like taupe, give a softer, more flattering back-drop to strong, pale-blonde hair colors.  This fashionable, angled bob is softly draped, with a lightly tousled finish adding volume and texture.  Chin-length bobs flatter almost all faces and ages. And this pretty version has a cute new twist in the beige balayage adding definition to the tips around the chin!

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